Quad Speed Skate Wheels

Quad speed skate wheels differ from other quad skate wheels in both the width of the wheel and the hardness (durometer) of the wheel. With a wider base, quad speed skate wheels, allow skaters to more securely grip the skating surface increasing traction and acceleration. Because speed wheels are typically harder that other quad skate wheels a skater's potential top speed in increased due to a reduction of friction between the wheel and skating surface.

At Skate Mall you will find an enormous selection of quad speed skate wheels to choose from. Wheel specifications vary so skaters can get the best wheel to complement their specific skating needs. Besides choosing from a variety of diameters, widths, durometers, hub styles and colors; you'll also be able to choose from all the best brands, like Atom, Sure-Grip, Reckless, Radar, Sure-Grip, Heartless, B'Zerk and Juice, to name a few.

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